Database Synchronization

SOALIB is being used by customers to sync multi-site databases bi-directionally and periodically. Check if one of the solutions you need is listed here.

Customer Problems

 Solution offered by Soalib Online

Multi-database synchronization

We deal with many different types of databases, which is needed to be synchronized periodically.

Soalib Online can be used to synchronize up to 24 multi-vendor, multi-platform databases and could be used to periodically synchronized bidirectionally.

Flat Text and Binary File Support

Many of our data reside in flat files and we need to frequently port that data to over our central database. We like to continue to use our system like it is now.

Without making any change to your system or infrastructure, Soalib Online may be used to read your flat text and binary files, parse them based on the grammar which you provide and load them to your desired database, which is in the list of 24 supported databases.

Database Mapping

Our source database has a different design than the target databases. We just want a few selected information to the target databases. In addition, the source data types are different than the target data types, so are the columns and table names. We need some solution that can still be able to periodically synchronize these radically different databases bi-directionally.

Soalib Online may be used to map the source database to the target database table by table, column by column and data type by data type. And as long as a single source column is mapped to a single column of the target (i.e., one-to-one mapping), Soalib Online may also synchronize these radically different databases bi-directionally.

Data Migration

Our present database is based on old design and we are redesigning the database and intend to migrate the data in the old database to the new database. Also, the new database is with different vendor than the vendor of the old database.

Soalib Online provides very powerful mapping, conversion, transformation and mixing operation allowing you to migrate your existing database to the new design. Never pay extra to the Data Migration companies which you can completely eliminate by using Soalib Online.

Mobile Support

The application which we are developing need to access enterprise data from mobile devices. We should also be able to synchronize data in mobile phones to the central database.

Soalib Online has strong support for Mobile phone and offers client API for Java Mobile Edition (JME) as well as C/C++ API for Embedded Systems.

Data Backup

Application data is needed to be backed up periodically and incrementally from our PCs, Mobile Phones, and our own applications. We need a single solution which is able to back up any type of data.

Soalib Online may be used for backing up data of you PCs, mobile phones and devices, embedded data and any other kind of data which is accessible from the system.

Heterogeneous Application Development

We are also applications vendor and developing a single application which will be able to work from mobile phones to PCs and for multiple operating systems. In order to reduce our cost, we need a single solution.

Soalib Online is a single solution to building a heterogeneous application which will work on mobile phones, PCs and supports popular programming languages Java/JME, C# .NET, C/C++.

Security and Tunneling

We need all our connections to be very secure so that the sensitive data in our databases is secure. We want to be able to connect to the databases and synchronize with advanced security.

Soalib Online supports secure tunneling regardless of the database's built-in tunnel. Soalib Online supports 4 different kind of tunnels all based on the application

Vendor Data Integration

We frequently need to request data from our vendors and our vendor also needs to access our databases. We want a solution where they may read the data, but may not write or update them.

Soalib online provides multiple connection mode and one of the mode is Read Only mode. In addition, Soalib also have write only mode. All database connection information like Database URL, Username, Password, Port, Database Name, etc. may be completely hidden from third parties.

100% Managed

We do not intend to manage the costly data centers and server as it require us to update the software and the server periodically. In addition, we do not intend to purchase the high priced synchronization software from major vendors and purchase their expensive support. We are looking for something 100% managed by the vendor and always online.

Soalib Online is 100% managed by Soalib, Inc and there is no need for the customers to upgrade their servers or maintain their own data centers and synchronization software. All the customers have to do is keep their client software for Soalib Online in their system and use all the features of Soalib Online from their PCs, Mobile Devices, Applications, and even from their embedded applications. Price of annual support is unmatched to the major vendors, and its so low.

Easy to Use

Most of the software of similar type are complex to use and have a long learning curve. We like something easy to use and have faster learning curve.

Soalib Online is easy to use and may be mastered in a few hours. All the complexity happens behind the scene, which the user will never need to know.

Multi-OS, Multi-Language

Our applications are developed in various programming languages and we always struggle to keep them updated and maintain. We like to have a single solution which works for any major programming languages and multiple operating systems.

Soalib Online have built in support for major programming languages: Java/JME, .NET languages and C/C++. If your application is based on any of the languages stated here, we maintain the client side libraries, and you never have to worry to build your own. If you use a different programming language than listed here, use Soalib's consulting services to build the client side API for your specific programming language. The clients run on all major programming languages for C/C++ and source code is available to tweek to your own needs.

Full Control

Most online software do not provide us full control like dedicated use, creating users, removing users, managing security, etc. We want something that will allow us to control the software to our needs.

Soalib Online may also be configured to host as a dedicated service exclusively for those customers who want full control to the Soalib Online solutions. Instead of hosting it in the customer's software, this will be hosted in Soalib's hosting environment. But, if the customer insist, the hosting may also be offered in the customer's own server. So, what are you losing?

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Since 2007 SOALIB Incorporated has provided Service Oriented Architecture solutions to the clients with use of SOALIB. SOALIB is a set of web services available in a cloud as well as in the form of Web Application. SOALIB makes it seemless to integrate Mobile, PCs, Embedded Systems through a common set of API. Soalib's two android apps GhosTrack and WorkDaddy, both are enterprise level application embracing the SOALIB technology. Use SOALIB in your apps and integrate with the rest of the world.

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  GhosTrack is an ideal application to locate the Geographical Coordinate of another Android Device using SMS. So, there is an Admin phone (which wants to track other phones) and the target phones (which will be tracked). Admin just need the phone numbers of these target phones to track them.

  SOALIB Server is now version 1.0.6. Advanced SOAP based tunneling allows sync through HTTP. Previously, You need to download new Soasync to bind to the new version.SOALIB is a library of 20 web services. SOALIB Online is where these web services are hosted.

 This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.