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Version: 1.1.7

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Near Filed Communication(NFC) is an electronic chip based radio communication system by which two electronic devices can establish connection by touching them together or bring them into proximity. NFC is multiuse communication system. Different types of official purpose can be served by it. NFC opens a new door of hope and promise in Android platform.WorkDaddy is an application by which you can actually serve the purpose of an Administrator, an Accountant and an Event Manager of your office. For example you don’t have to put a costly RFID card reader into your office. Your smart phone will be enough. Suppose you planned to have meeting on next Thursday. Traditionally you have to mail to all of your employees.In some cases you have to call. But WorkDaddy has a built in engine for planning any sort of even.You just add the Employ profiles of your company add event name, date and place application will itself generate the event and send mail to the corresponding employees. There are some plug inns which will not be available on Google Play. It you will be added as customized option by customer order. One of the plugin is salary generation.

Application Profile:

*Information are provided as per the Version 1.1.7 available on Google Play

Application Name




Developing Language


Help Line Phone Number


Google Play Link


This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.


Go to the Google Play Store from your Android device, type WorkDaddy in the search bar. You will find WorkDaddy developed by Soalib Incorporated. Install it by following the simple procedure which is given below.

Go to the Google Play store and give a search by “WorkDaddy

Tap on the search icon

Type WorkDaddy

Press Install

Google Play will ask for your confirmation. Press Accept.

Downloading WorkDaddy

It will take a few minutes for downloading the whole application


Admin Creation:

Admin Creation Form

Or you can directly import contact from you phones contact list

After installation application will boot with an Admin creation form. This user will act as admin. Provide your Name, Phone Number and Email Address. After that press “Camera” to capture the corresponding users identification image or press “Gallery” to import from phone Gallery.

Press “Camera” or “Gallery” for Photo

Press “Save”

Card Register:

Press on the NFC Icon to register.

Press the NFC Icon

In the Card Registration window select corresponding user for registering his card.

Select User

Now Press Register to register your card. Touch your RFID/NFC card on the back of your phone. Make sure NFC and Android Beam is on. When it is done your card number will be visible on the screen.

Press “Register”

Touch your card on the back of your device

After touching the card on the back of your phone your card number will be visible on the screen then press “Save”.

Press Save button after Registering the Card

User Creation:

Procedure for creating user is as same as the admin creation. Just press the user button on the up of the application home screen. Then follow the same procedure as you did before for admin creation.

Press User Button

Fill the user essentials

Or you can import Contact

Take Photo for the corresponding user

Press Save

Then Register the user ID card following the same procedure as you did before for the Admin. Just simply choose the user name in the top of the card registration form.

Select NFC from the Home Menu

Select User

After selecting the user follow the same procedure as you did before for Admin card registration. Point to be noted, always touch your card near to your device’s NFC antenna.

Edit User:

For editing any user go to the user menu and long press the corresponding user.

Press User Button

Select User and long press to edit

Event Creation:

Every activity will work under an event in WorkDaddy. So you have to create an event to get the desired result. Go to the event menu in the top of the home screen. Then press the “Manage” tab in the top of your screen. Select create new event. Write down event name, select start and end date even the deadline for participant registration finally press save. You can also select event location by clicking on the Show Event Location.

Press the Event Icon

Select Create New Event

Write down the name of the Event

Select start and end date of your event and also select deadline of the participant registration

Event Location

Finally press save to save the Event

Add Participant:

For adding participant go to the participant window in the Event menu. Select the corresponding Event and mark non-participant checkbox. Then select participant. Press add participant icon to add.

Select Event and select Non-Participant Checkbox

Select Participant and press Add Participant icon

Participant Registration:

Participants can register via Sms. Admin can send registration invitation via mail/sms with a unique code. If the participant sms back with that code the application will automatically register that participant.

Select Participant to send invitation via mail/sms

Sms Invitation

Phone will ask for your confirmation

Invitation via Email

Phone will ask for mailing procedure

Invitation received by participant via Sms

Participant’s reply for registration

Confirmation text

Participant Status Edit:

After Sms registration participant will considered as accepted by the application. But Administrator can always edit their status. Just go to the event option and select participant window. Long press the corresponding participant. Then you can easily edit his/her status.

Participant Status Edit

Attendance Collection:

Using Smart NFC/RFID Cards: For check In/out operation you just have to touch your card to the back of your phone. You need to turn on the NFC feature of your device before following this procedure.

Check In

Check Out

Manual Operation:

Select the user icon from the top of the home screen. Select any user. Then press the Check In/Out button in the bottom right corner. Press it for In/Out operation.

Select the User Icon

Select User for Check In/Out Operation then Press the Operation button

Check In

Check Out

Attendance and Working Hour calculation:

For calculating working hour select the user icon from the home screen. Select any user. Press “History” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Select the User Icon

Select User

Press History

Attendance history of the user

Documentation of User History:

You can keep history of the user in two ways.

  1. Save the document in the download folder of the device.

  2. Email the document to the Administrator or to the corresponding user.

Saving the User History in the Download Folder of the Device:

Go to the user menu. Select any user. Press “History”. Select corresponding event. You can see a Memory Card sign in the middle. Press the Memory Card icon for saving the document in the download folder. WorkDaddy will automatically generate three types format of the history and save it to the download folder.

Press the Memory Card Icon to save the history report in download folder

Xls, html and csv Format user History saved in the Download folder of the device

Email the document to the Administrator or to the corresponding user :

You can create official Attendance report by using this application and can mail it to the Administrator or to the corresponding user. Go to the user menu. Select any user. Press “History”. Select corresponding event. You can see an Envelope sign in the middle. That’s the mailing feature. If you press you can two options a) Email to Administrator b) Email it to user. As per your requirement you can send this document to any one of them. The application will automatically generate the document in csv and html format. Even it will automatically attach the document and put the corresponding mailing address which you have provided earlier while user creation. The application will automatically generate xls, csv and html format and attach those with the mail.

Select the User Icon

Select User

Press History

Select Event

Press Mail Icon

Select Recipient

Select Mailing Procedure

Auto Generated Email

Attachments in csv, html and xls format

Email Received


History Edit:

Application Administrator can always edit history. Just long press on the corresponding and then edit.

Editing of History

Confirmation of Edit

History Search:

If the organization has a long list of employee than the history report will be longer. So for easier operation Administrator can always search history by defining time.

History Search by Date/Week/Month/Year/Data Range

Event Report:

WorkDaddy will automatically generate each corresponding event’s report. User can mail or even can save it to download folder of the device. Go to the Event menu and then go to the Report tab. Press the mail icon for mailing it and save it to the download folder. User also can search the report by varying time/date/participant. For full screen report press arrow icon.

Press the Memory Icon for save it in the download folder and press the mail icon for emailing the report to the administrator or corresponding user

Event Report search by data range

Full Screen report

Administrator Privacy:

For maintaining official privacy and secrecy Administrator can always lock WorkDaddy by his own password. Just press the upper right button. Select Lock. Give a password. The application is locked now. No one can access it without that unique password. For unlocking follow the same procedure.

Select Lock

Select Password and Press OK

Application Locked


  • The program uses the tag ID of the card. This leaves the user free to program the card for anything else.

  • Calculates the check in and check out date-time hence calculates the hours for that day.

  • Delete user or Card.

  • Multiple cards per user option.

  • Manual operation.

  • Full event corporate report.

  • SMS registration

  • Email Registration.

  • Data range search

  • User History editing

  • User History and Event report both can be saved in device memory.

  • Administrator Privacy with Lock/Unlock feature

  • Event Report and User History will be available in xls/csv/html format.

  • Confirmation text facility

  • Send email to the user or administrator a short attendance report in plain text and html.

  • Every user attached with corresponding photo.

  • Participant editable status.

Versions and Upgrade:

Three versions are available for WorkDaddy.

  1. Free Version which is available on Google Play. Only one event and 10 user can be added.

  2. Pro version which upgradable from Google Play free version. Unlimited user with unlimited event. For upgrading follow the given procedure.

Press Upgrade

Select upgrading procedure

  1. Enterprise Version which can be customized with user defined features as well as Soalib integration.

Customized Features:

  1. Salary Generator.

  1. Smart Visiting Card

  1. SOALIB Integration

  1. Server Integration

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 This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.