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Soalib provides a number of useful web services to be consumed by users in their applications using multiple programming languages. In this documentation, we will discuss about how Soalib may be used to develop your own applications by consuming powerful web services API. Soalib client side API is shipped with proxies and supporting libraries for various programming languages. There are two types of Java API provided with Soalib client: JSE and JME. JSE is for use with Java Standard Edition JVM and JME is for Java Micro Edition JVM. There is also an android version of the java jar file. To use the JME version, development tools specially designed for JME development should be used. Two popular and excellent free tool for JME and JSE development are Eclipse ( and Netbeans ( To use the Android version, Android SDK should be downloaded from (

In this guide the client API is described by examples. It is important to try these examples as the user reads them. The examples are packed in the java client API package. The JSE examples are shipped for importing directly into the Eclipse Java development tool and the JME examples are shipped for importing directly by Netbeans JME and Eclipse Pulsar development tools. To run the examples, it is best to import the respective project into the tools and then run the examples from within the tool.

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Since 2007 SOALIB Incorporated has provided Service Oriented Architecture solutions to the clients with use of SOALIB. SOALIB is a set of web services available in a cloud as well as in the form of Web Application. SOALIB makes it seemless to integrate Mobile, PCs, Embedded Systems through a common set of API. Soalib's two android apps GhosTrack and WorkDaddy, both are enterprise level application embracing the SOALIB technology. Use SOALIB in your apps and integrate with the rest of the world.

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  GhosTrack is an ideal application to locate the Geographical Coordinate of another Android Device using SMS. So, there is an Admin phone (which wants to track other phones) and the target phones (which will be tracked). Admin just need the phone numbers of these target phones to track them.

  SOALIB Server is now version 1.0.6. Advanced SOAP based tunneling allows sync through HTTP. Previously, You need to download new Soasync to bind to the new version.SOALIB is a library of 20 web services. SOALIB Online is where these web services are hosted.

 This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.