Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare market is in the midst of transformation. This is evident in the increased adoption of applications and analytic solutions. While the industry moves toward accountable care and pay for performance, it's looking for ways to leverage data to support new reimbursement models, facilitate care coordination, and foster population health. While the future is largely unknown, one thing is certain: the ability to gain value and insight from healthcare data will be a competitive differentiator. This is where SOALIB can help, with our industry-leading solutions in enterprise data integration.

Solutions for Banking and Capital Markets

Today’s global banking and capital markets industry is facing new and increasing challenges, including tighter regulations, higher capitalization rates, changing customer demographics, and pressure to grow revenue. Overcoming the obstacles and capitalizing on new opportunities in capital markets demands the right technology to deliver trusted, timely, and authoritative capital markets data without increasing data management costs.

SOALIB suppors these solutions empower you to access, integrate, secure, and deliver data to reduce risk, ensure compliance, improve customer relationships, and maximize business value across the enterprise.

Solutions for Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry has always been service-oriented. However, the convergence-driven need to deliver seamless services across different access networks has forced operators to embrace new approaches, including the intelligent network, Web-services-based APIs, and, most recently, the IP multimedia subsystem. Today, SOA is considered state of the art for service-delivery platforms. Such platforms for value-added services have evolved from the intelligent network (IN) and object-oriented programming interfaces to recent Web-services-based platforms.

SOALIB solutions for telecommunications enhance your brand and boost innovation by effectively managing telecommunications data on subscribers, products, locations, networks, channel partners, and social media.

Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry continually undergoes changes in customer demand, regulatory requirements, and supplier management. These shifts, along with the need to drive innovation faster, are pressuring manufacturers to maximize the potential of their manufacturing data.

Despite the need to do more with less, manufacturers are expected to be faster, smarter, and more flexible. When they meet customer demand and boost operational efficiencies, manufacturers are rewarded with higher customer satisfaction, lower costs, and higher profits. But for some, issues with their manufacturing data and a lack of data governance impede their best business and technology strategies.

Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities companies are continually investing in infrastructure and technology. While looking to boost revenues and improve customer satisfaction, forward-thinkers in the industry are gaining insight from their energy data and utilities data, using it to realize untapped business potential.

By leveraging their energy data and utilities data better, companies can streamline customer service, improve asset and workforce management, bolster security, and bill more accurately. As a result, these companies optimize operations and deliver fast and accurate reports to gain valuable business insights.

Solutions for Garments Industries

Garments Industries are facing many new challenges today to become more flexible and agile as business models change. Companies’ ability to adapt quickly to a changing business environment mainly depends on the agility of their corporate cultures, flexibility of their business processes and interoperability of the IT system(s) they employ.This problems solves SOALIB Software.

Solutions for Public Sector

Government today faces unprecedented challenges. These include shrinking budgets, record high unemployment, increasing demand for human services programs, healthcare reform, security threats and cyber attacks—all combined with pressures for improved outcomes and better accountability. Many organizations are turning to information technology to help solve these problems.

SOALIB provides innovative and robust solutions for addressing the most pressing IT initiatives: data center consolidation; management of big data; application retirement; data integration, quality, privacy; and cyber security. Using our automated solutions, government organizations can focus time and resources on their mission-critical tasks, including defense and intelligence, law enforcement, tax and revenue, education, and the provision of benefits and services to the public.

Solution for Transportation

To keep up with the demands of the information age, transportation firms must do more than simply move passengers or shipments from point A to point B on time. Customers demand constant real-time visibility and increased self-service. Employees must provide just-in-time service via a combination of traditional tools and mobile devices. Managers need the business insight to optimize schedules and routes, hedge fuel costs, create the right marketing offers, set competitive fares and rates, and identify and retain top employees. And transportation competitors drive you to do all of this faster, better and cheaper.

SOALIB solution for transportation provides the data integration and management foundation to harness all the data at your disposal. It empowers you to transform all your data —data from operational applications, GPS trackers, engine sensors, RFID tags, weather reports, mobile devices, oil price feeds, partners, and customers—into a strategic asset for keeping customers loyal, wringing out costs, and running operations smoothly.

Solutions for Insurance

Insurance companies today face challenges to their operations that are greater than ever before. Softening market conditions, ongoing commoditization of traditional insurance products, increasing competition from new and old players, changing consumer demographics and behavior, and dramatic regulatory changes have created a more demanding business climate. These challenges make it critical for the insurance industry to have the right technology to access, manage, protect, and deliver the right data to find new revenue opportunities, cross-sell new products and services, and improve customer experience across all touch points. SOALIB provides industry-proven solutions to help insurance companies maximize business value from their data assets, while reducing the cost of managing data across the enterprise.

Solutions for Retail

With greater customer empowerment, more is expected of the industry than ever before. When they meet customer demand and boost operational efficiencies, retailers are rewarded with increases in customer loyalty, same store sales, and gross margins. But for some, issues with their data and a lack of data governance impede their best strategies in business and technology.

SOALIB solutions for retail enhance your brand by effectively managing data on customers, products, POS, inventory, RFID, pricing, social media, and store-level sales.

Solutions for Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are evolving their business portfolios to address slowing sales growth and declining profitability, while operating under heightened regulatory scrutiny. Forward thinkers are gaining insight from their life sciences data and using it to fully tap the potential of their business.

By better leveraging life sciences data, these companies can launch drugs and medical devices more quickly, frequently, and cost effectively while complying with regulations. As a result, these companies optimize operations and deliver more accurate reports faster to gain valuable business insights.

Solutions for other

SOALIB is the perfect solutions for any other small and medium companies.

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Since 2007 SOALIB Incorporated has provided Service Oriented Architecture solutions to the clients with use of SOALIB. SOALIB is a set of web services available in a cloud as well as in the form of Web Application. SOALIB makes it seemless to integrate Mobile, PCs, Embedded Systems through a common set of API. Soalib's two android apps GhosTrack and WorkDaddy, both are enterprise level application embracing the SOALIB technology. Use SOALIB in your apps and integrate with the rest of the world.

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  GhosTrack is an ideal application to locate the Geographical Coordinate of another Android Device using SMS. So, there is an Admin phone (which wants to track other phones) and the target phones (which will be tracked). Admin just need the phone numbers of these target phones to track them.

  SOALIB Server is now version 1.0.6. Advanced SOAP based tunneling allows sync through HTTP. Previously, You need to download new Soasync to bind to the new version.SOALIB is a library of 20 web services. SOALIB Online is where these web services are hosted.

 This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.